Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Friday

Hello folks.
Though my body is still in the office but my mind isn't. I am busy
looking busy even though in reality i am really busy. Ha pening kau
nak baca ayat aku.
I think everybody by now should aready know how much i hate my job.
Well i loathe it actually. Early of this week, the husband finally
told me that it is ok if i wanna quit my job. I should be happy right?
The boss is in the office this whole week. Resignation letter is
already saved inside my desktop. But come to Friday, i am still far
from resigning. What happening to me????
Hah.. ini juga wajah yang boleh bikin hati tenang....
P/S: Hidung dia luka-luka sebab dia garu-garu. Nak buat macam mana ye? Asal kering je dia kopek. Huuu..


amal said...

budak ini sangat menggiurkan..nyamm

Reeva Husin said...

It's ok if u nak take a break for few months from corporate world. Later u decide :)