Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello there!

I miss yew... Really!
Yesterday, i turn on my lappy and actually planning to update this
blog. Next thing i knew, it was 4am in the morning and i slept with my
feet at my daughter's head. Isk isk. Bila masa terlelap pun tak tau.
Terusla tarik selimut. Huhu
Anyway, i foresee that my hectic and tiring life will be over soon
after we settle down at our new crib next week. I tell yew, restoring
the house and do it yourself is really tiring and not to mention i lost
count already how many days we go home with rania already sleeping and
go out before she woke up. And that is including weekend you know.
Pity my baby.
Well, who say money is not important is a complete dumbass. Tetibe.
Haha. Ada la sebabnye ayat ni keluar tp malas nk explain.
Okey, i nak pergi solat. My lunch break is almost over. Sorry for the
boring update. Bye!

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