Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This is it

So, I think my ability to blog has somehow been flushed away. Yet, I
still find myself clicking the new entry button trying to at least
publish an entry a day.
Bear with me people.
Anyhow, yesterday I told the husband about my resignation soon after I
step(ed) (eh taktau step past tense ape n malas nak check so hentam je
la) into the car on our way back home. He smiled and said "why you
look so worried? We should celebrate!"
Well, I am worried! I am freaking out. The tought of me being jobless
scares a hell out of me. Though all nice people around me said that
it'll be okey I am still freaking out!
I'll tell you later why.
Now my lunch break is almost over.
Potong kan?


mariam said...

if nak keje TM, ada kosong tapi aku tak kenal HR..
just ko blh try apply online.. kat tmcareer.com.. coz ada kosong untuk asset management & account payable.. if u interested la..ehehhe..

Reeva Husin said...

jom lepak sama :D anya can finally meet rania for the first time. hehe

FatiYahh said...

Yam: Thanks!! Tapi aku rasa aku nak rehat dulu. Sejak abis blaja blom penah rehat lg. :)

Reeva: Jommmmmmmm... Mmg tu 1st yang i terfikir. Boleh ajak Reeva gi play date. Huhuhu. :)