Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superstar : Etude Wonder Pore Freshner

I was browsing thru a magazine the other day and came across an advertisement promoting Etude Wonder Pore Freshener. Decided to give it a try, I was shocked and having a cheapo moment the second I saw the price tag. It's RM70 yaw! Ohh.. Don't be fool by the word freshener, it is actually a toner!

Since Etude is not the kind of brand that I heard a lot and it is from Korea (I never have thought that products from Korea can be that pricey), so I hold my thought from getting it first. I tried getting a sample from the SA but they said they have none. Pfftt. Afraid that the money will be wasted if it doesn't work wonder to my skin, I passed.

Then few weeks after, I saw my friend who was on vacation in Korea holding Etude's paper bag. I quickly whatsapp her to buy for me a bottle of the freshener since it was so cheap there and they also have few sizes. Y to the E to the A to the Y!

So yesterday was the 1st day I tried it on and it felt good. Love the smell, and the way it makes my skin feels. Not like the usual toner which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. But hey, it just day 1. At least give me two weeks before I can give full review ok?

Notes: Thinking of getting the moisturizer too. My Kiehl's will be finish in a week or two. :)

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