Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I salute you mothers who work and come home with fat paycheck, take care of the house as well without any helpers. The house is shining clean, the hubs and kids blessed with home cook foods, and you yourself looks like a million dollar.

That kind of women exist you know. Crazy.

I feel tired all the time. Okey before you start selling me all those protein shake or whatever product that you say can boost up energy level, just stop it because here I am talking about mentally tired.

I mean of course you still have leftover energy after you come home from work at 8. Sure you can quickly whip a meal for your family, then do the laundry while helping your kids do their homework and then vacuum and mopped clean the house while singing but hey, don't you feel you just wanna go straight to bed?

I need motivation to be that kind of women.



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mariam said...

aku memang sangat tak membantu.. cause aku pon sangat malas.. aku bersihkan rumah the sake of tak berhabuk n supaya si Aisyah tak sakit sebab kemalasan aku.. hhuhu.. kagum sapa yang sangat rajin tuh....