Tuesday, April 2, 2013

32 Weeks Happy

So, I did promise that I want to at least jot down my pregnancy journey once every trimester. Hehe. Cheating I know. But we need to accumulate things up so we can save time & space, no?

I am happily entering 32 weeks now. Feeling a bit like whale even everybody keeps on commenting how small my tummy is. Whatever. Don't even bother to explain why. Ask mother nature. Or ask my husband because I swear my tummy is so big (baby weight 1.2kg at 30 weeks check up), but I have a little secret on how to dress up so I won't look heavily pregnant. Hehe.

How am i doing? I'm fine but with super low energy. I tell u, there's a BIG different being pregnant while you're in your 20's and 30's. My 1st time being pregnant at 25, I have so much energy but now? What I want to do is sleep all day! So far no blood pressure or diabetes or whatever. All sailing smooth. Alhamdulillah..

Oh did I mention that we are expecting another girl? Which is totally cool with me. I like girls! But not cool since cannot stop production yet. Hubby wants a boy (who doesn't?) and because he's being super sweet all this while...okaylah I'm gonna open for another one. But you have to shoot sharp okey darling? Another girl then suck it up and accept the fact. Haha. Joking joking. =)

Okey gotta go now. Forgot already how good it feels to blog. Missing my yesteryears but what to complaint? Me myself yg malas. Hehe. Till then. Please pray for my well-being. Bye!

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my tots said...

my shooting ok dy , ur cooking la.. hehe joking too..it's all in God's grace, syukur with all there is, now n future.. insyAllah.