Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Wardrobe Quest : Black "awesome" Flats

Though I make a vow not to add anything to my shoe rack this year, there's an exception to buy a black flats. My bunion has starting to show, and I'm afraid it will get bigger if I still wear heels all the time.

But my quest for a black flats is not any black flats, must be an awesome one.

How awesome u ask?

The insole must be padded, the lining is between fabric or soft leather,the price is affordable and it must suit both office and daily use.

Since it's a flat shoe and the color I was looking is black, I thought the quest must be somewhat easy.

Well, it's not actually. Most of the nice ones are not padded (including the high-end famous designers) and the padded ones..hmm let's just say the pattern is suitable for my grandma.

But finally, I found it. The love of my feet.

Excuse the little hand. 

It was from M&S. I was looking for something else actually when accidentally saw this gem. 

It is leather upper with padded fabric lining inside. Wide fit, padded sole and super comfy when I tried it on.

Closer look at the leather.

It cost me only RM199 for such a good quality shoe. Goodbye designers. Haha. (Okey I lie, I still love you for some other reason)

This should be the end of my shoe quest for 2014. 

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