Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Therapy That I Need

Back when the days that I blogged a lot and religiously, I had *ehem* quite a number of visitors. So I would anxiously checking my Nuffnang account daily to see how much earning that I got so far. You know, to cash it out for a pair of shoe. So shallow, I know.

Well, that's history.

I don't really remember checking my Nuffnang account for years until recently when I started to blog again. To my surprise, my almost non-existence self in the blogosphere did still give a decent source of passive income.  So, I thought wow... if only put in a bittttt of my whatever left energy to blog all this years I was in silence... I would have quite a number of shoes by now.

But of course, that was just my wishful thinking. In between my day job, pursuing the professional qualification, being a wife and a mom, running the house, and socialise with my friends... I would be happy if I get the time to have a proper shower. I kid you not.

I won't lie to you. I am being completely honest when I told you that I love to write and share it with people. Even I know how useless this blog is compared to millions others and not to mention how bad my grammar is (ssshhhhesssss you grammar nazi). This blog is actually my place when I need to escape from my reality.

This is the place where I get to be a model, modelling for all the cheap clothes that I have when the actual fact, I am an accountant who work in front of a computer all day long trying to reconcile every single account that my company has.

This is the place where I get to pretend that I am that social butterfly who party until wee hours on every other week when in fact, it was just a planned meet up with my same circle of friends...just at a different place and at the different time (we still had so much fun tho).

This is the place where I put in all the nice things happened to me when I was actually crying my heart out because I just had a bad day. It is easier to be positive and to note on the great things that I have in my life and not to be upset on a small matter when I jot it down.

This is my therapy.

The therapy that I need.

So, what would you do when you need a therapy?

P/S: I just got a new CPUV (Cost Per Unique Visit Campaigns) today after almost a year not having any. Feels like the 1st time. :)


Nadot said...

Sronok gile kan dpt cpuv... hoho
kem salam syg kat abg peach! Eehhhh.. hihi
take care!

FatiYahh said...

Ok dah enable seperti yg kau suggest. hehehe