Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Birthday Party : The Surprise

Each time there is a party, the birthday girls have no idea what the party will be like or even where it will be held. We just know that there will be party for us and we are told to give the others our wish list. Simple as that.

But for February birthday this year, we did a prank making the birthday girl thinking that she won't get any party this year. 


You should see how she enjoyed herself the most during our Jan party. We even started to think that it was her party when she keep on screaming "the best party ever"! I also have a shot video of her screaming around laughing like mad as an evidence.

Nah! Too cruel if I share it here. 

What we did to her?

We kept it all secret until the day. Ahaha. She even got her eyes blind folded and we sent one of us to her house to pick her up and blind folded her there and then. 

Not just that. We make her wear the hideous hat that sparkle you can see it from the moon and we kid around with her like the ali baba movie. Haha. 

Her desperate attempt to ask strangers where she was. The passerby being so cool they told her she was at the zoo! Haha.

Tadaaa! Happy birthday and no, you're not at the zoo. Hehe.

Well, actually the surprise was so much more than that. We actually secured a meet up with her fav actor to have breakfast with her that morning! That level of love you may not get it anywhere darling. Haha. 

But the actor cancelled last minutes. He told us he got other job and need to go there ASAP. Well, there will always be other time.

We had a great time, that's for sure!

Presents that she got from us. Gambar pun jadilah! Haha.

Group photo! Two of us not here. one cannot make it and another is currently in UK. Hi nadot! *waves excitedly*

Hope you had a good birthday babe! Don't hijack our party next time, please?


abangensem said...

Wowww!! Cun beb awek yang kat dapur tu. Kem salam plis.

Nadot said...

lambai excitedly juga *sambil sebelah tangan pegang anak, sambil pam susu, sambil tengok email kerja sambil fikir, why am I doing PhD?*.. dem!.. hohoho

FatiYahh said...

Amboi AE sampai sekecik tu pun kalo awek dia perasan.

Nadot, sila tabah supaya nanti aku cukup duit leh g sana hehehe