Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New arrangement.

Updating from the toilet. Seriously. I'm sad like that.

With no helper at home, no doubt our life was a bit upside down lately. It's not the amount of housework that we need to do, but the arrangements that now have changed since she left. Like previously, we would drop off our kids at my mum's and my dad will then send my eldest to her school. But now, since Imaan's nursery is nearby her sister's school and Imaan don't really fancy car seat.. So we have to send them off every morning and the traffic to their school.. OMG like crazzzzzy. We have to go out super early so that we will still arrive to our office on time.

Back from work, there's kid's homework, piles of unfold clothes, dinner making, attention seeker baby and lots of things in between waiting for me. 

Not complaining tho. I feel that the life I have currently tho exhausting but more fullfiling not to mention give me less headache.  But of course, this blog (again) become my least priority at the moment. 

I miss writing. I have tons of update for you guys seriously. I'll promise I'll come back ok?

Because life is like a rollercoster. You just have to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Tho at one point you feel like it's going to kill you, believe me it won't. :)

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