Friday, May 16, 2014

Saigon : The Departure

Our flight scheduled on 12pm, May 15th. We had our breakfast at KL Sentral and took the KLIA express to the KLIA2.

So shocked to see how spacious and elegant looking this new airport is. No wonder our flight tickets were expensive. Anyway, it took us nearly more than half an hour (including bathroom time) to get to the gate. There were a lot of airport staff waiting around all areas with uniform shirt and a big "ask me" board so finding your way is kind of easy. 

Today's Adventure

Number one:
This was supposed to be a honeymoon trip for us but my "red aunty" decided to pay me a visit. (-.-"). Good news is..there won't be the 3rd child anytime soon. Haha. But seriously, we were laughing like mad the moment I told the news to the husband. Lucky I didn't go all out and bought those expensive lingerie. 
Lesson learnt: Check your period date before buying the ticket,fool!

Number two
My full size Keihl facial wash was confiscated by the custom (T_T). I was trying my luck using my charm to make the custom officer let it go but I guess, my charm doesn't really work all the time. Though I can see that the lady officer was giving me a sorry look (sisterhood yo!) but well... nevermind. 
Lesson learnt: Buy those travel size container and use it. 

Well, that summarize our journey (not even arriving Saigon yet, already a lot of drama). Pray for our safety ya!

With Love from both of us.

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