Friday, May 16, 2014

Saigon : The Stay ~ Silverland Hotel & Spa

So you know how this was supposed to be a honeymoon trip. The husband was kind enough to book us a suite at Silverland Hotel and Spa so that I get to have my own Jacuzzi in the room. He also arrange for airport transfer so our journey from airport to hotel was really a breeze.

Always saw this on TV. Cool!

The princess is coming thru!

And because we booked a suite, we get to skip the check-in process (the q was quite long at that time) and was ushered straight to our suite upon arrival. They even turn on the air-conditioner in advance so that the room was cool enough the moment we checked in. 

There's local fruits and they also left us a nice note welcoming us to the hotel. Nice but they spelled my name wrongly (-.-")

This hotel is located near Ben Than market at the so called "Malaysian Street" so finding halal food was easy as there are plenty near the hotel. There's also a night market nearby the hotel so it was quite happening.

I think this hotel was quite nice (heck all the hotels here are nice if you read the reviews) and the price was quite decent. It was clean, the staff are warm and welcoming, and most important the location is strategic.

Okay, gonna soak myself in the jacuzzi. Chiow.

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