Saturday, March 13, 2010


Deep in my heart I know that in order for us to get something we really want we first have to believe.

I want to be a millionaire so bad but until this moment I still have a problem to believe that I will be a millionaire. I tried to visualize myself being one so many times but I still fail to do so.

I read books, clear my mind, find a mentor but still i can't imagine myself being a millionaire. And now I am scared because other people believe in me (tak kira la buat buat believe sebab nak jaga hati ke or betul2) but I myself still don't believe.

How eh?

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sara said...

hey yah,...u know that i will definitely read ur about u set ur goal 1st?if u can't imagine urself being a millionaire,set a clear & narrow down ur goal what u believe u can achieve 1st in order to go to the 'millionaire stage'!!do it step by every step,the goal will be bigger than the last time..plan it right & train urself..insyALLAH..have ur passion for anything that u want..your 'passion' is the key for u to get anything that u've dream for ur life!!