Thursday, March 4, 2010

On being desperate housewife

Being a housewife clearly not my destiny.

I want to vacuum the whole house since I got back from Bandung.. well I supposed to. But did I do it? Nope.
On top of that, i also want to brush my bathroom tiles... well I have to because it's getting dirtier day by day but of course I didn't do that also.
I also suppose to prepare dinner for the husband because now that I practically do nothing. But guess what, I skip that too.

Wah malasnye aku!

I just want to get a good rest... Is it okey if I stay on like this for another week, hubby? :)
Ermmm.. how about I serve me for dinner?


Anonymous said...

Salam. Same here... kalau balik dari bercuti, rasa nak continue mode cuti tu indefinitely. Other than laundry (sbb baju kotor masa bercuti bertimbun2), selalunya the 1st week balik rumah tu memang tak buat apa2 sangat... makan pun beli! Haih!

p3@nu+k@caNg said...

yah...boleh..sile la malas..nex wik la rajin..aku sokong

En Suami said...

abg sapik sila hantar hotdog garlic and cheese ke rumah tiap malam yer.. sbb i pon malas juge