Thursday, March 6, 2014

Masterchef on Board

Masterchef much?

I just love the blackboard. Been wanting to buy this since forever but i have no idea where to find it.. Ermm well, my ignorance cause that, perhaps.

Found one at Positive Emporium, Publika last two weeks when we had our breakfast at The Red Beanbag (again).

I just love Positive Emporium. They have such a nice collections of positive and motivational posters. I want to have it all!

Anyway, few days after I hung the board ready to tackle the world (read:tiny kitchen) with my awesome cooking, we run out of water supply. Turns out, we are one of the household impacted by the water rationing. Pffftt

So my marinated venison is still frozen and the whole fridge smelling tempoyak due to my my patin tempoyak plan. 

Cooking with no water supply? Naahhhh.

Let's eat out. Hehehhe.

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