Monday, March 24, 2014

School Holiday - Term 1, Part 1

School holiday started! Weehoo.

I don't get this school holiday hype before, until my kid started schooling. But we don't really have a plan lining up but we promise ourselve that we will at least bring them (Rania especially) somewhere for fun.

We started with a trip to Pantai Remis last weekend for kite flying fun fun fun!

Kids with daddy. Daddy don't really know how to deal with the kids when they missbehave. Believe it or not, though he is the sweetest ever to me, he can be quite strict with them. I foresee that growing up, he can be really hard on them that they might think he's unapproachable. I am trying my best to capture all the things he did for them as a prove that he loves them so much but daddy just being.... Ermmm daddy.

Daddy and grandpa showing off their skills to the couldn't-be-bothered-much kid. Hehe. Cute.

Our kite flying! So much fun.

Imaan the kite! Hehe. Imaan has no clue what happened or even where we were! At the end, she was bored, cried, drank her milk, then slept through out the outing. Haha.

The end of our 1st school holiday outing!

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