Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#OOTD: Pose with Attitude?

I love #ootd. If you don't know it already! 

I just love how we can transformed by just a click, a nice filter and the right angle. 

Like this one here. I swear that if you're happen to work with me, you'll see fats bulging all over the place. (Two kids here, helo helo. Cut me same slack) but in this photo.... wallah! All gone. But yalah, the poyo face is still there no filtering remove that. Hehe. I really need to learn how to give more attitude and smize, then need to slim down a bit. 

For now. Poyo face rocks! Hehe.

Blouse from KWC and skirt by H&M

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Muhammad Taufiq said...

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