Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 1~Still feel motivated (pretty much)

After whining about it for a long time, I finally took the challenge and decided to REALLY lose some weight this time. Of course after a heated conversation on Facebook between myself, my sister and brother.

See, my brother used to be the biggest among us when suddenly, for whatever reason, he decided to lose weight, cut his long hair short and be as skinny as he is now. With my sister's addiction to the gym and my other brother who is always thin, I'm the biggest in the family now. Urghh!

I checked my BMI and I have to lose 7kilos to achieve my ideal weight, but I think I'm gonna challenge myself and shed 14kilos. Barula "sandha" kan geng? hehehe.

This time I'll do it the traditional way. No herba shake or cream whatsoever. Not working for me. My new resolution (dah bulan 10 baru nak ada resolution) are to exercises and watch my eating habit. So, I'm gonna start my weight meter reading journal here for my own record.

Please, please, please make it work this time.

Weight Meter Reading ~ Day 1.

Weight to lose : 14kg
Weight lost/(gain) today: 0kg
Weight lost to date : 0kg

More to go.

Note to Pnut & Aien:
I actually book a yoga class last night at 8 but decided not to go. Hehe. So no updates actually. hahaha. Oh matahari mission failed!


aien said...

you can do it!!!we WILL achieve our dream weight!haha sy pn semangat jgk. ;)

FatiYahh said...

Yes we WILL. haha

p3@nu+k@caNg said...

sy pon mahu
sy nak 38kg..lagik 4kg kne trun kan
yah..kite matahari kne wt tradisional je

FatiYahh said...

Tula Pinat. I wonder how depa can lose weight main minum2 shake je. mungkin oh matahari makan pelahap nak mampus kut?

:) Chaiyok to both of us!

green apple said...

yeahh, let's work it out together.

*nak jugak*

FatiYahh said...

haha. Mari ramai2!