Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So be it.

I miss my baby so badly but I also have a date with my girlfriends tonight which I don't think is nice for me to back out.

It's hard to be a mum and a girlfriend at a same time.

I do always get together with them and apart from that I spend a few hours getaway with the husband without the baby. Explain why you won't always see my baby with us in my facebook album. Not that I don't want to bring her along but she is too young to follow instruction and I don't feel comfortable meeting with my single friends with me shouting and focusing on the baby.

But one thing do change is that when my single friends get married and have a baby of their own, they will stop hanging around like we used to be and the circle of friend get smaller and smaller. And it left me with an uneasy feeling why I can still hang around but not them. Is that make me a horrible mother who doesn't care about my baby? Do we have to change entirely and only hang out with other parents & brag about our babies 24/7? Why can't we be who we used to be?

So yeah, sometimes I do feel like a bad mother because I live my life to the fullest even though I have a baby.

Or am I?


kacangemuk said...

sy tetap rase kamu mulia yah...
n for sure sy nampak kamu dpt menjadi mak yg sgt superb,isteri yg sgt cool n pade mase yg same kwn yg sgt setia..yg pntg,sy tau kamu iklas.
(ouh,bkn ayat mengampu..sy iklas juge..kamu idola sy bile satu ari sy dpt kawin)
kamu pling sporting sbb pandai value sumorg..xoxoxoxoxo

FatiYahh said...

isy pinat pandai tol kamu kipas bontot saya.

Xdelah saye paham lain orang lain caranya cume saya kadang-kadang rasa macam saya ni beriya sangat melayan semua orang pastu enjoy pulak tu padahal dah ada family sendiri.


kacangemuk said...

takpe yah..asal ko enjoy ngan both family n org len...
yg pntg,iklas..kwn²ku yg len pn camtuh
b4 kawin beriye janji kwn², bile da kawin,jgn la arap.so,skg tuh psal aku tak janji pape ngan kwn²..sbb aku pn tatau bile da kawin camneh.tp bile tgk kau,aku tau ko ckp serupe bikin. taniah
so..kamu idola sy.arap sy pandai bahagikan mase juge sepeti kamu..