Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forgive me, for I have sinned~Siriwan Thai Restaurant, Shah Alam

Note: Excuse the pictures quality. I am using a camera phone. An OLD camera phone. :)

Prior to our unfortunate event on July that cost us to be car-less for quite some times, my brother-in-law was very kind enough to act as an older brother and lend us his pick-up truck for our daily usage. So we thought it is best to treat him and his wife for a wonderful dinner as a token of appreciation.

The husband has been aiming for this restaurant for quite a long time. It is located at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam nearby their office. They serve normal Thai food and ada deer and duck. Tapi takut nak order sebab semua kebulur macam nak mati plus we don't think that is their specialty.

Tomyam seafood

Kerabu Mango

Broccoli with errr.. ape ntah but it is nice though

Pandan Chicken

Kerapu 3 rasa. Looks kinda weird but tasted ok.

the ever wonderful brother & sister

the banker. isyk. :)

The food was okey la It cost us RM110 more or less for those foods with 3 fruit juice & a Chinese tea. Not bad huh?

Butttt, the bad news is I didn't get to do any exercise (again) yesterday. Go home straight after dinner because I miss my pretty baby a lot. So, the result.

Weight Meter Reading~Day 5.

Weight to lose : 14kg (back to square 1)
Weight lost/(gain) today: 0kg
Weight lost to date : 0kg

Worry not because I swear I will hit the gym for 2 hours straight today. haha!


En Suami said...

maybe u've forgotten it is seabass la.. tp x puas hati .. 3 rase dier lain

FatiYahh said...

So nice of you say that I forgot..... Okeylah I admit tak kenal ikan sebenarnya. haha.

Reeva Husin said...

nyum.. nyum.. thai restaurant memang sedap..