Monday, October 5, 2009

The Monster in me.

It is obvious that I am back to the office seeing my "almost" non-existence new post for the past 2 weeks. Just one update with pictures doesn't consider as a decent update aight?

Anyway, yeah things has been rough when I was back. With the new management and whatnot I don't think I can cope being a part of the "family" anymore. But then again, finding new place and start all over to fit in not as easy you know. See lah how. I am happily minding my own business if you ask. I leave it to God this time.

By the way, I am proud to announce that my slim-down ultimate mission was nothing but a failure with a CAPITAL F! Failure! I manage to be slim to fit my baju kurung moden ala-ala duyung in the 1st day of Raya though. *clap clap*. Then dengan bangga update dalam Facebook lepas tu malu-malu kucing bila this supermom puji wahh dah kurus. haha. But after 2 weeks of sinful eating with "takpe esok I'll start a healthy diet again" attitude, look how cruel the world on giving me a reality check.

The picture alone leave me with a creepy feeling. Bulat weh dah rupa mak nyah dah aku tgk. hehe.

Okey dah lah. Nanti mimpi ngeri pulak tidur malam.


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hahaha...standard la bvabe...sebulan lost 2weeks raya trus naik balil...huhuhuh

Naemmommy said...

hehe ko tak tgk gambar passport aku lagi yah lagi bulat ok?? ermmm sejak biler la pulak aku jadi supermom nih hehe :p