Friday, October 30, 2009

I am alone in the office and it is 5.37pm.

There is no way I am gonna do my work.
So, I do this quiz from Kenny Sia blog for entertainment.
Turn out the results is nearly good enough to describe me. Scary huh?

If you are a car, your fuel of choice would be unleaded alcohol. You are a major party animal with an unnatural obsession with art, toys and all things fantasy. You think the world is too complicated and you wished it could be as simple as it was when you were 7 years old. You live with it. You work hard, but you don't take for granted the simple things in life that make you happy. Sweet candy, cartoon music, crazy friends, all these and more make you a happy person living in your own little world.

P/S: I've been busy lately. I will try to post about my weight meter reading as soon as I can find a time. Behold!!

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aien said...

omg omg omg u havvveee to update now pleasee!!!im dying out of boredom in this forsaken office!omg i dont even know if the sentence is constructed correctly :(:(:( btw,hows rania doing?kpale die dah ok x?