Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am blessed. I am content.

I haven't blog about my birthday celebration yet...and not intending to do so. Please click this for details. My friend already update the whole event for you guys. Top to bottom. She's a first timer and I think it's not bad at all. :) Please go and leave your comments. Give her a little bit of support will you?

Although I didn't update it here but from the bottom of my heart, this was the best celebration ever. It was really close to my heart. It was everything.

Looking back at the party, I am really really glad that I married my husband. He may not be perfect in every way but I am very glad that he click well with my friends. Well enough to plan a surprise party with them. Well enough to converse with them through emails, facebook, and telephone. I don't think I'll have a surprise party with my friends if he did not click well with them.

I met my husband when I was in my college years and non of my beloved friends went to the same college as mine. I was alone there. (T_T) So, they did not know each other at first but he was really sporting to join most of our get together outings, be it if he was only guy there and had to be our photographer. haha. He did not make noise when I went on and on talking to my friends for hours...ignoring him. Doesn't feel embarrassed with our loud voice and laugh. (you know how embarrassed it is to go out with a bunch of very very vain ladies)

And then there are my friends. Who are really really nice to allow my husband to join most of our activities even at that time, most of them are single. Who tried to make conversation with him. To make him a part of us. To welcome him into the clan. I can not thank you guys enough. You all are the reason I can still be young and hip even though I am a wife and a mother. You guys accept me for who I am. :)

Thank you husband, for knowing that a big part of my happiness are with them. And for not keeping me for you alone. For allowing me to be me. Even after I marry you.

Thank you friends, for pulling extra chairs, making extra space for my tiny family to fit into. 

I am blessed. I am content. :)

P/S: Thanks to all your husbands as well. They are all super cool right?


amal latiff said...

alolo..this entry sgt it to the max..
abg pic sgt kewl and rocks..lucky u darling..

my tots said...

my luv, i am married to u, when u are already 'married' to ur friends.. they are already part of you when i was just starting to know u.. cherish them always..

Nadot said...

terus terpakse cakap 'i love u too' abg peach...hohoho

yup yup..dude is super cool!..hehehe