Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tutti Frutti, Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti @ The Curve, PJ. Jan 16, 2011

I was bored to death as the husband was down with headache. He slept the whole day! So I cooked for lunch and dinner then text Nadot for a chillex session and being a good friend (they all are), she agree that instant!

So, she proposed to invite Dr. Juju as well since we haven't hang out for quite a while. She was on call and had been up since 6 am. It really means a lot when she said yes (even though I think Nadot kind of force her to join us.haha) Then, I tweet about it and Amal said she wanted to tag along as well. So off we go to The Curve!

This was my 1st time eating Tutti Frutti. I heard about it so many times and anxious to try since all of them give good remarks. But one thing for sure they "forgot" to mention is how pricey that thing are. it's RM5++ per 100g and quite impossible for you to take only 100g! So, I end up paying RM19 for a cup of froyo! And it melted so fast we end up drinking it.

Sorry no picture. The froyo is melting man! Better swallow quickly. Haha.

Verdict, despite the price tag it was gooooood. Personally I love the original flavor and my friend said peach flavor also nice. Don't mind go there over and over again but this time I have to find a sponsor. :)

Go try it youself.

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