Friday, January 14, 2011

If this is a disease, I think I need help.

Pavilion - Jan 12, 2011

My husband always ask me why women need so many shoes ( so uncool lah you husband asking me that kind of question!) He said I only have one pair of foot. He don't see the relations between my glowing face with the cute shoe on my feet (which happens every month)

Well let me give you an answer dear uncool husband.

Yes, we women have only 1 feet but we have 365 days in a year don't we? And if we split a day to day event and night event, we will need 730 pairs of shoes right?? Not only that, we also have to own a pair for each color to match with our glamorous dress. You don't want me to wear blue dress with green shoes don't you? And don't start giving me idea to use only black shoe because it will match with everything. Please, don't upset my feet. They have feelings too you know.

Plus, who can resist this kind of temptation?

Not even this young lady, apparently!

I teach her well, don't you think?

So dear husband, do you have anything else to add?

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