Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 blabbing.

How was your 1st day of 2011?
Mine? Usual. Spent half of the day in the office.

Save your comment please. I know it is a public holiday but my boss is from Mars. Forgive him. He don't know that 1st Jan is actually a holiday for us earthlings. Pfft!

Eh eh, did you know that the bullshit double/triple pay that you are suppose to receive if you work on public holiday is just applicable to clerks and below? If you are higher than that, you will get paid in whatever rate the company decide to put.

In my case it is RM100 per day. Cilakak tak? Even my normal daily salary is higher than that! And that RM100 is before tax! Please count what is left after that. (T_T) I'll pass the pay and take additional leave instead. So that makes my total of paid leaves for 2011 to be ... 30 days!

What is a better way to utilize them other that travel & tours!!

So, I have numbers of places already in mind. What I need now is cash.

Anybody want to give me any?


aienhanifiah said...

I'm booking you sometime between march and may, whenever i can get out of this country!

FatiYahh said...

make it may onwards! my travel plan semua start from may! bestnye!

p3@nu+k@caNg said...

kau suke kan yah?suke..suke...
ahhahha..nak ikot!!!

yah..bukan applicable pade clerk ke lebih kp gaji rm1500 ke bwh n pekeje di bawah first schedule under employment act 1955..

amal latiff said...

Hat yai it is, kan yah...tolongggg la jadi kan kan...ouh x saba..

aienhanifiah said...

nak ikotttt