Monday, January 10, 2011

To Die For: Chili Crab @ Newton, Singapore

*Excuse the picture quality. I don't know what happened and how to fix it*

Contradict to what you people might think, main reason I went to Singapore the other day is not to shop. The husband actually had a wedding to attend in JB and the sister wanted to go and meet her long lost friend in Singapore. So I thought, why not? Let the husband be single for the day, enjoying his days with all his friends (who also happen to be wife-less for the day) and me accompany my sister to Singapore. (yes, I am cool like that one)

Days before we actually there, the sister already had the day all plan up, including where to eat!

So we heard that Singapore is really famous with their chili crab and being a food junkie, we ask my sister friend to bring us to the most delicious chili crab ever in Singapore.

Well, she did brought the nearest food court to her house! Haha.

To go here, just take MRT to Newton. It's nearby. Walking distance. I don't know how to explain but just ask any local passerby.

We choose this stall Heng Heng BBQ - Stall No 31 and it so happen that the owner (or helper, I dunno) is a Malaysian! So he gave a really really good service to us! And he is damn funny too.


See the crab? OMG so big. I know.

My sister posing with one hell of a BIG FAT crab. Which after 5 minutes.....

........became this. Yummy!!! Eh eh kesian En. Crab.. hehe

This butter prawn is also super yummy. The best I've tasted so far

Man Tao. Tak pernah terfikir nak makan Man Tao cicah Chilli Crab until that day. Super duper double orgasm! :)

Other than that we ordered baby kailan in oyster sauce. The dish was prepared for 4 person. And it only cost us SGD66! So cheap!

Go eat chili crab the next time you visit Singapore will you? Better yet go to this stall. I promise you, you'll never be disappointed.

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