Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Nasi Lemak....(so far)

Nasi Lemak Kedai Kuning, Kg Sungai Penchala
This is superb I tell you and I hereby crown this Nasi Lemak as the most humbly delicious nasi lemak ever.

Okey, I know I crowned Chawan Nasi Lemak before but sadly they are not consistent. Been there 3 times and the taste differs each time. So it is not fair if I said that they have the best Nasi Lemak and then when you guys read my review then go there but it doesn't taste that good pun. They you guys said I am lying pulak. (T_T)

But this one...oh boy.. Eat there like more than 10 times already and they tasted the same. Deliciously same! The nasi lemak is so simple but they still preserve the originality. They still add santan and daun pandan to the rice so it is so fragrance that you don't mind eating the rice only. The sambal is hot enough, ikan bilis garing and cucumber is so fresh. I don't know how to describe it but this is the ultimate best close to home-cooked nasi lemak so far.

How to get there?

Enter Penchala link and turn left to Sungai Penchala (turn right if you are from Mon't Kiara). Left again at the traffic light. (you'll see a mosque opposite opposite you). Go straight until u see a kedai runcit on your left. The stall is in between the kedai runcit and motorcycle workshop.


p3@nu+k@caNg said...

yeayy!!!tenkiu yah!!!!!

Fuzzy-Pink-Cloud said...

Hi! Would you know until what time the nasi lemak here is available each day? And are they open on weekends? Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Nasi lemak abg Botak sungai penchala , close on Wednesdays and Sundays , contact number 0193177796