Monday, February 28, 2011

Italian Anyone?

Italiannies, One Utama. Feb 27,2011

I am starting to fall in love with the new hijab style I am wearing. I hope that this love will eventually help me to be full time hijabi, Insya Allah.

Although at some angle I really look like an Indonesian (thanks to my big fat face) but don't care lah. Husband said I am pretty so Indon or no Indon, I am cool with that. (^_^)

Anyway, this was taken when we were having our lunch at Italiannies earlier.   

Complimentary bread. This is the one that I heart the most every time. EVERY TIME! and it's FREE.

This time we opt for their Classic 2 course meal since the husband is not feeling very well and their portion is quite generous. Then we add another ala-carte kids meal for Rania. Just nice for the 3 of us. :)

Appetizer : Toasted Bruschetta

This appetizer is the ultimate winner if you ask me. Never fail me. Not even once. No matter which outlet we went, the tomatoes they used are  really really fresh, marinated perfectly and the Pesto sauce is TDF definitely.

Main Course: Fettuccine Amatriciana

This is the 1st time I tasted this. When it comes to pasta, I am really old-fashioned one. I only dare to eat bolognise, carbonara, and olio oglio, but I am so tempted to try other pasta ever since I watched Julia Roberts eats her pasta in Eat, Pray, Love. Well this is the 1st step of many many more to come!

Close up. We put grated parmesan on top. OMG it was so goooooodddddd! Tomatoes is still the base. Not far off than bolognise. :)

This is kiddy meal. Fried chicken with Pomodoro Sauce. 

I am crazy over pineapple juice so this Yellow Birdie is my choice every time. 

We went for shopping after that. Nothing new about that though. But silly me bought a top ( I really want that top since forever!) and 2 scarves only to find out that I have no scarf to go with the new top and no tops to go with the new scarves. Good news is now I have reason to go shopping again but bad new is I can't wear that top yet. :(


On a different matter, we went to our dear friend's birthday party on Saturday at Octavia, Sri Hartamas. Such an awesome place for party. The place has a BIG ASS KING SIZE BED AT THE LIVING ROOM PEOPLE! Theme for the day is Morroccan but me didn't 100% comply with the theme. But at least I wore the right color! 

My point is I LOVE MY SCARF! So i want to show off to the whole world. Haha.


P/S: This is such a lengthy post to make up with my silence last week. forgive me okey. :) 

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