Friday, February 4, 2011

Late Night Snack - PapaHotdog @ Rasta

*Updated : They open every Wednesday to Sunday from 8pm onwards*

PapaHotdog @ Rasta, TTDI, Jan 21, 2011
We love food. Well, me obviously. From where do you think this double chin and spare tyre came from?
Whatever. When a women gotta eat, she gotta eat.

Anywayyyy, my favorite midnight snack stall must be Papa Hotdog @ Rasta. Not just because the owner is my friend (ehem ehem kasi komisyen skit), but because the hotdog is really really really yummy!

Not lying. I never lied when it comes to food. Nah, see these and prepare to wipe your saliva from the desk.

If that is not enough to convince you, here is the list of other hot dogs they are selling. (And yes, the yellow colour is cheeseeeeeee)

Complete with price. Very reasonable considering their size and cheese
So, next time you feel hungry at night. Grab your keys, drive to Rasta, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and look for this two hot guy for a super yummy delicious hot dog you will ever tasted (errkk.. that doesn't sounds right. LOL)

Oh they steamed the hot dog by the way. Not fried. Good news for those who watching their weight. Hehe

They open every night. Go there and try it yourself okey. Then tell me what you think.

End it with my pictures. Hehe. I know you miss me. haven't update the blog for quite some time.

Playing pacman. Huge Pacman.

My company for the night. Love you babe. :)

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p3@nu+k@caNg said...

isnin selasa papa tutop...
rabu - ahad bukak
8.000pm ke atas