Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nilai 3 : A few tips and an awesome curtain

I was thinking about changing my curtains since last September but never really had a chance to do so (got money, no time. Got time, no money. Got time and money, lazy). Not that I hate my current curtain but each time my opposite neighbor and me opened our doors, i can see right through their house straight to their curtains and they can see mine, I feel so embarrassed I tell you. My curtain looks like nothing but a piece of ugly cloth hanging on my wall (T_T).

Ugly right? Who the hell bought this curtain anyway?? (T_T)

So last Saturday, I was supposed to go to a friend's wedding in Melaka. I was all dressed up and I even brought a bag full of clothes and swimming suits just in case we decided to stay in Melaka for a night. But at Plus Highway near Nilai there was a massive traffic going south and the weather was so freaking hot hubs told me that he was not in the mood to drive in this kind of situation. Plus it was nearly 1 pm at that time and we are afraid that the ceremony is already over by the time we reach there. So hubs said he wanna turn back to KL but we were so close to exit Nilai so I said why not. Lets take the exit and go to Nilai 3. I heard there's a lot of choices for curtains.

So glad we make that turn. Because it definitely turn my living area from zero.....


This one is the color without lighting. Ignore the masham kid at the middle.

A few tips if you are going to Nilai 3

  • Most stores operate from morning till 8pm sometimes up to 9pm on heavy crowd day.
  • Oh and they open on public holiday too!
  • It is freaking hot there, so don't forget to bring drinking water to hydrate yourself so that you can think clearly before making any purchase. But if you forgot, it's ok because there are so many stalls selling drinks and foods.
  • But better not to eat so much. The toilets are super dirty.
  • Most shops sells similar things. Example, they have like 6 different curtain shops in a single lane! So better if you pick the lane that attract you the most, park and then walk from end to end.
  • If you are looking for curtain like me, better you survey at least 3 shops and compare prices because the price differs from one to another even though they are selling the same thing! Don't be surprise sometimes the difference is up to RM10 per meter!
  • Lastly, bargain! bargain! bargain!

And I bought an accessories organizer too! You know me, I am not a very neat & tidy person so normally I will chuck all my accessories inside my drawer and all the necklace will be tangled with each other. Then, I'll be too lazy to separate them and worst I'll forgot that I even owned one! So, I was looking for an organizer and wallah! see how neat & tidy I am now.. hehe

Definitely going there again. We are aiming for a big size mirror next and another curtain to replace my bedroom's curtain. :)


aienhanifiah said...

Im looking for curtain too! The cheapest we can find here is $15 per piece for window curtain, and we need 6 for the bedroom! And thats only 1 layer. Let me know how the price is in Nilai. Maybe we can go shopping together! ;)

FatiYahh said...

Whoa that is expensive man! mine is only RM20 per meter and that is one heavy and quality material! can easily find RM15 per meter and below but 15 is the cheapest and good quality and up to date material I can find. come come buy here. Plus jahit adalah percuma dan siap dalam 1 jam. crazy kan?

aienhanifiah said...

Btw, diorg bleh jahitkan langsir yg x pakai cangkuk? Cz we bought the rod already. And how long does it take to get it done?

FatiYahh said...

boleh but they will charge. siap 1 jam!

CeritaMama said...

Thank you for your tips.. it really helps when making curtain buying decision
Saya nak sharekan tips menurunkan berat badan

zahar said...

beautiful curtain.. its matched with your decor