Monday, February 7, 2011

Tutti Frutti Substitute : JCool Frozen Yogurt from JCo

JCo, Pavillion. Feb 4, 2011
I swear this froyo is so yummy and value for money. First time I had it was in Bandung.

Unlike Tutti Frutti, JCool price is fixed and you can pick your desired toppings to go with the froyo. It saves me from getting heart attack when paying. Can't really remember the price but the one that we bought is RM10.60 (tax incl) consist of 1 froyo and choice of 3 toppings. We choose peach, grapes, and longan.

The size of froyo and how much the toppings are determined by your luck (err maybe being cute also might help) because it is up to the shop assistant how much they want to give you. See the photo above, that was mine and my cute friend gets double my size (T_T). Not fair! But I have to admit she's cute while I am 1 kg near obesity *looks down.wipe tears.slowly disappear*.

Cute friend with her super cute tembamdebabnakgeget baby
Anyway, the downside is they only have the original flavor for their froyo which is fine with me because I don't fancy flavored yogurt. And some more, no chocolate syrup or whatsoever to go with it which is fineeee with me also. Conclusion if you ask me, no downside lah. Hehe.

So if you haven't tried it yet, go to JCo (So far I only went to JCo at Pavilion and Giant, Kota Damansara) and buy one. It might be your favorite too.

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