Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sikitttt lagi..

So, if I really want to achieve 100 posts by end of the year, I have to at least post 4 entries today.

I told my husband about that this morning. You know ~ my attempt to start a conversation sebab takut dia marah after I woke up at 9am today and make him late to work because he has to send me~. So I told him, owh never mind, I can just write meaningless entry 4 times today sort of like twitter ~ you know.

Well then, as I suspected, he said "tu mengelat namanya.." Well, at least my attempt of starting a conversation succeed. :0

Speaking of twitter, I know it so "in" lately but I can't help to notice and laugh at those people who twit like it is a blog. No offence. I know it is called a micro-blog but I do feel that it is a bit funny when you post a long twit sampai kena sambung-sambung 3 or 4 times posting just to get your message delivered, don't you think? Okey la kalau sambung 2 tu bolehla terima but 3,4 even 5?? I mean like come on make it short people! If you don't know how to twit then don't. Because it is boh~ring.

Hah, like I do care?

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