Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now, who says you have to be boring after you get married?

Ye ye je cakap nak cukupkan 100 entry menjelang tahun baru lepas tu senyapppp. Typical me.

Anyway, this time around I am busy with party preparation for BFF with another bunch of BFF. Haha. My dear friend is getting hitched end of January and being a party freak (all of us), we are now on our secret mission and ready to nail it this new year!

Do you guys know that party brings friends closer? Yeah, despite our unusual hectic day job schedule, we manage to meet each nearly every night and communicate through email and phone. I swear if I don't open my email daily, I will end up with 100 new mail in my inbox.

Let's just hope I don't get lazy and blog about it later. hehe.

P/S: Fun facts:
1. Out of 11 participants, just 3 are not married (of course with additional 1~the bride to be)
2. Together with 11 participants will be 3 babies aged 5-18months.
3. It is a sleepover hen's party with pool involved!


amal said...

cant wait...

aien said...

im sooooooo jealous! hmmmphhh

Reeva Husin said...

wah.. nak buat party buih ke apa ni?

peanut kacang said...

aien..wlupn kami tade salji..seb bek kami de mulot kat nadot yg bising cam salji byknyeh..heheheheh

FatiYahh said...

Reeva, party buih. Yeah!