Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Best Nasi Lemak in KL

So far this is the best I've tasted (other than my own cooking of course. Haha)

This is with ayam kampung by the way. The chicken is so juicy I feel like suicidal after the 1st bite. And team it up with Teh Tarik oh-so-divine!

Taste it yourself and tell me are we in the same page?

Chawan @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.
Opposite Bangsar Village (new building)

P/S: Girls, let's have our breakfast session here nak?

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Nadot said...

haishh..i could barely eat these days...sedey tul.. ye, my big appetite akan datang balik in few weeks times, but for now, sile congratulate aku for losing 2 kgs...cpt cpt..hehe

amal latiff said...

nadot..congratss, ahaksss
yah..jom jom this weekend...