Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Welcome 2011!

I know.. I still owe Chilli Crab post to you. But, lets take a break from food a bit okey? I'll serve you that later.

Anyway, 1 day to new year!!
I don't have time to plan my year or cracking up my head for new resolutions this year. I am too busy and I am actually in denial and trying my hard not to think about new year because being in a reporting line means super busy to close the year end books for the company by year end.

No complain though. I choose this line, I know. Whatever, not planning to blab about this.

Where am I just now? Oh yes, new year.

So, I am quite sad to leave this year but at the same time exited for the new year to come. 2010 has been a really good year for me. Starting with my birthday where I finally own an iPhone.. Ohhhhh that's the love of my life.. Life will not be the same without it anymore. Then a birthday present from the husband.. No need to reveal lah but I heart them soo much!

Then my sister Aien, came and stay with us. That was so much fun!! The house if full of laughter and parties! Thank you darling for all the fun stuff we did together.

2010 also the year where i went and travel to so many places! Of couse it is not Paris or LA but we really do see lots of places locally and abroad. Too bad, i am so bad at writing journals on places that I went. It's ok. Pictures say a thousand words right?

In march, I also have enough guts that until now I don't believe I have. I quit my job without any other job waiting. Alhamdulillah that shows that we are getting stable financially. Most people stay in a job they hate because they have too and I can proudly say, I don't have to. Of course now there is a bit (a bit??) damage done on our savings because of that but we'll survive. I have faith. And now I end up in far better place to work. Though I work longer hour now but at least I am happy. :)

Being jobless for a while also do me good. I learn that it is not easy to be a housewife. I mean a real housewife who cooks and cleans and take care of the children perfectly. Not the kind of housewife that gossips and watching soap opera then complain penat. Pfftt. And also I learn how judgemental people are with housewife. It's like they are dumb or something but I can still remember the looks in the eyes when I say I didn't work that time. Biarlah.. What goes around comes around.

Not much happens after I join the new company.. I've been working like hell. Let's just hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, for new year I have yet to think of resolutions other than loosing weight ( yeah right!) and earning more. I'll post something when I have a clue.

Until then,


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