Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shoe Addict

Delicious isn't it?

I always tought that I am a handbag lady but turns out I am more keen on shoes!
Maybe because shoes are more affordable. (T_T)

Plus, you can never go wrong with shoes.
Itching to shop, just pick one of those classic peep toe pump!
Nude colour is a must have, I tell you.

Shoes can always make me smile and Fly my stress away.
More expensive much wider the smile. Hahaha.
If got it for free la..

Anyway, speaking of shoes.. my favorite brand of all time must be Charles & Keith.
Not only affordable but they have the most yummiest design ever and frankly speaking-comfortable too.
Though there are people who said C&K only copy designer's design and produce the cheaper version of it but do I care? *boooooooo*
Not everyone can afford freaking RM4000 for a pair of shoes! We have to find substitute aren't we?

We all know that Singapore is C&K place of birth and I am planning to go to Singapore next weekend. What a co-incident ey? (O_o)
I foresee lots of activities like this coming soon. *wink*

Ada siapa-siapa nak place order??? hehe.

Here, http://www.charleskeith.com/shop/catalog/shoe/hwindex.htm look for yourself how yummy they are. Awww.. I think my heart just melt.

1 comment:

aienhanifiah said...

me me me! ill make sure i stayed up the day you're going to spore. nnt bg reminder ok haha.

arent we the coolest with whatsapp? *blow nails* ;)

btw, im flattered that you'd die without reading my blog :)