Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please Leave Me a Message

I received more and more friend request on my facebook that have no friends in common. I am wondering is it you my lovely blog reader?

If it is you, please leave me a message telling me who you are. I might consider to accept but on one condition that you leave comments here and be my friend here 1st.

Facebook is something personal don't you think? We post more personal things and pictures to share among our friends. Please respect that if I don't accept you as my friend. You have to gain my trust. The last thing I want is a stalker who never make any conversatiom with me and posted 100 updates about farmville a day. Annoying don't you think?

P/S: Sorry I have to say this. I really hope you understand.

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1 comment:

aienhanifiah said...

if it came down to me, i just mercilessly ignore the request. heck i even did it to people with common friends, coz i know they will never ever say hi, let alone talk to me in fb or real life. mean yeah, but whatever float my boat kan hehe