Sunday, November 28, 2010

Singapore : What we do and not do.

The main reason that makes me so exited about our trip to Singapore.

Sadly, I didn't buy anything from Charles & Keith. I found their selection of shoes are not as cool as in Malaysia. I wonder why. Even the handbag that I've been eying for ages doesn't have the colors that I want. Sad Sad Sad.


Impossible if I go back home empty handed ey?


I am very happy to shop in Singapore. I found that the price are actually cheaper than Malaysia even after conversion (some shop like Sephora even gives 30% tourist discount ) and the style also suits me. And boy oh boy, credit cards makes it easier to shop!

Don't worry, my credit card are back in the freezer. Now have to sell my arm and leg to pay it off. (T_T)

Anyway, out of everything my favorite purchase was from Soap & Glory. Will do a review later but so far, I am in heaven every time after my daily bath and I can't stop sniffing myself. I am so happy that Sephora is coming to Malaysia. I don't have to go all the way to Singapore to get it... now that i am totally addicted to it.

I left you guys with some pictures we took in Singapore. Not much pictures since we were there for shopping this time. :)

Love this picture. The only one that I don't look fat. (T_T)

See that huge bon bon? Aiyoh I need to stop eating now.

I love their Christmas decoration. Too bad didn't snap much picture.

Last but not least, the other half that always find ways to make me happy. :)

P/S: My sister ask me to go to Singapore again this Christmas. Should I melt the ice?


mariam said...

jom yah.. apa lagi...
shopping best gile time christmas...;p

FatiYahh said...

mmg nak tapi...................takut bankrup nanti. haha

amal latiff said...

uuu that bon bon is sooo Kim Kardashian..haha..i loike

FatiYahh said...

hahhaha. amal gilos!