Friday, November 19, 2010

What happened in Merlion City last Christmas.

Not only I failed at giving a good photo, but I also have no freaking idea how to take good photos.

This was from our trip to Singapore last Christmas. The husband told me to take his photo. So i took few shots.

The water was suppose to go out from his mouth. You know like how people love to do some tricks with photos ie; holding the sun. get it? get it? But after like 10 shots I still cannot do it. (T_T). Annoyed, he took the camera from me and snap this with only ONE shot.

See? I'm not good in anything. I wonder why he marry me.

Then, as cliche as it sounds, of course we wanna took picture with the Merlion. Must do to prove to the daughter that we already brought her to Singapore once upon a time. Hehe.

Good shot. Clear view of me and the daughter smiling widely as a main subject with the Merlion as a background. Taken by the husband of course.

Bad shot. Merlion IS the main subject with.. err.. oh there they are, at the left side. Go take your magnifying glass to see. (T_T)

Now I know why out of 344 photos, there were only 4 photos of the husband. Hehe.

But, there is such thing as luck isn't it?

Guess who took this photo? ;p

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amal latiff said...

Sila snap gmbr yg cantek utk trip kali ini yeh..hav fun guys..tgu si yasmina besar sket nnt kite buat family trip bersame2 ye..nnt ade tukang tangkap gamba gendut yg rajin amek gmbr n edit..hihi