Saturday, November 27, 2010

Travel with kid(s)

Travelling with kid(s) is never easy.

Stroller works only when it is a short outing but when you are out all day you can't expect a toodler to sit tight. Come on! even we will feel restless if forced to sit all day long.

So more often that not, we have no choice but to let our kid(s) free. Easy for you if you are blessed with a super well-behaved kid who clings to your arm but most of the kids I know will run and jump and be off your sight the second you blink!

Unless you are an alien from planet Gorgon, impossible for you not to blink isn't it?

That is why, we rely on this.

Not only blink, you are free to look at whatever direction you want *cough* another mall *cough*

And saves your kid from drowning too. Who knows if they decided to jump into the pool, just pull the string up! saves time. hehe.

I seldom see other people using this and we get a lot of attention whenever we use this on Rania. Most of the people smile and say "cute". But there are also some who give a judging look because obviously it looks like something we usually use for pets. I don't care. I don't trust this world anymore.

But, this thing really getting on top of her nerve. Sorry kiddo, better be save than sorry!


mariam said...

heheh.. cute giler beb....

p3@nu+k@caNg said...

alalalalall..comel nyeh weh..huahahahahah..
takpe mama..u still look howwttt/
abg pica sumpah sgt pleasing..

FatiYahh said...

yam: cute kannnnnn?

Peanut: howttt betis ke bawah saje.

amal latiff said...

owhh sgt cute that lil bag..couldn't agree more, biarlah org nk cerca ke hape ke..klu hilang anak kite kan, bukan anak diorg kan..will definitely buy 1 for yasmina..
btw, saw in piccas u're not wearing ur 4 inch stilettos babe? so janggal meh..hihi..

FatiYahh said...

get one kalau yasmina suka lari lari lompat macam rania. hehe