Sunday, November 14, 2010

Masa Bercinta

Ini adalah makanan tetap waktu bercinta dulu.

We used to go to A&W Taman Jaya when we were still students. Hang out there the whole night. Studying *ehem ehem* or just starring at each other eyes. Okey now go puke.

Those were the days that I surely missed. :)

Anyway, now no longer go there since we can stare at each eyes anytime anywhere now. But last night, Rania was begging us for ice-cream. We planned to go to Tutti Frutti at TTDI initially but heavy rain forced us to change our plan to a place with covered car park. So Tesco it is.

Upon entering we found this cute creature. Rania was literally pulling us towards him and keep on yelling bear! It's a chipmunk sayang not bear!

Cute ey? I mean the one on the left?okey you can go puke again. Hehe.

It's nice to make our child happy once in a while huh? Even that means ice-cream in heavy rain.

The nice mommy.. Hehe

I went for neardy clean look. How do I look?

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aienhanifiah said...

U forgot the glasses for the nerdy look!

FatiYahh said...

Okey this is mommy looks. Hehe

Parents of Myrin said...

Mane ade nerdy?! i dun see it... u look nice as alway :)

FatiYahh said...

Thanks shasha. :) nerdy sebab ikat rambut kemas kemas. Hehe