Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fifty Shades of Blue

Not a big fan of blue. Self-proclaimed. 

Yet, most of my outfit is blue. Maybe a blue monster possessed me when I did my shopping. Yes. That must be it.

I found it hard to match blue with any color in my wardrobe to make it pop. Pair with red, or yellow? Too bright. Pair with black or nude? Too boring. Must be me then. Self reminder, stop buying blue! Any kind of blue.

Well today, I choose to wear all sorts of blue shades in one go. Haha! Greyish blue maxi skirt, electric blue top, dark blue jacket, and light blue skarf.

Don't really like the assemble but don't hate it too. 

And today, I figure out a way to pose that make me look super tall and super skinny. 

You think so too? LOL!

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