Sunday, January 19, 2014

Air Batu Campur

Who's here love ABC say hooooo!

Growing up, there's a superb ABC stall right in front of my grandma's house. I still remember my excitement each time we went there for a visit and will plead my grandma a few bucks for an ABC treat right across the house. Boy it was really good I swear!

But I found it hard to find a nice cup of ABC that will remind me of childhood.
You know.. the kind with smooth ice, rose syrup, gula melaka, evaporated milk, cincau, sweet corn, kidney beans, and if we're lucky there'll be "buah kabung" as extra.

Most of ABC that I found lately is the modernise version with ice-creams, all sorts of jellies, and will have colourful syrups but without gula melaka sometimes even without the milk. That's not ABC!!

My hunt for the decent ABC (see, I don't even put high hope in finding the best one) is never ending. Until lately I found this right in front of my nose.

Oh my.....

Well, still... no gula melaka but it's okay because they put just the right amount of syrup & milk for it to taste so good.

Still no sign of good childhood memory ABC but I'm okay settle for this for the mean time.

It was one of the stall at Masjid India area. I forgot the name of the stall. Will check it out later when I go for another treat next time.

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