Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reward System for Toodler

"Finish the food then you can play your toy"

"Eat your vege then I'll let you watch cartoon"

"Read the book. I'll let you buy new toy"

Sounds familiar? I do that to my kids too. You know.. bribe (read : reward) them to do something.

But it was never a success. At least not in the long run. 

So when I read about Star Reward System implemented by Shilashower on her blog, I was like... stupid me why don't I think about that before? My kid always ask for a toy. Most of the time I just get it for her for no apparent reason. Sometimes I ignore her also for no apparent reason. So I thought the star reward system is cool and would work on my child.

This is how it works.  For every stated expectation met, she'll get one star and every 50 collected, she can redeem those for a treat she like.

For Rania, she was a bit too attached with her iPad whenever I was not around. So lately I didn't allow her to bring the iPad to my mum's (she stayed there while I was at work) and I get her to bring her workbook instead. But everyday, she will come back without any pages completed. Turned out she was watching cartoon all day long and when I asked her why she didn't do the exercise in her workbook she said it was boring. (T_T). So to get her to study and off the TV (or any media), I told her about the reward system. But since I'm not as creative as Shila, I just go and buy a stamp and stamped it at any workbook pages that she completed without error.

It was a major success! She like the idea a lot and I think she also like it when her workbook is filled with the cute stamps and all the credits she got for completing the pages error free. She woke up and  went straight to her maths workbook and quietly sat down and do her work without being told to do so.  She even brought the books of her choice to school and do it while other kids were napping. Wow. If only I implemented this earlier, my daughter will be enrolling to college by now. Haha well a mother can dream right?

In just few days she managed to collect all 50 stamps and guess what she want  as a reward?              

Complete with laser and such. Haih.. I thought I gave birth to a daughter 6 years ago?

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