Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Confession of a Wardrobe Junkie

Lately, I feel bad each time a take a peek inside my wardrobe.

I have no idea what happen to me. A sign of ageing maybe. I used to love to have a limitless choices in my wardrobe with abundance of clothes and bags and shoes. A huge walk in wardrobe used to be my ultimate goal in life. I even work hard for the sake of that kind of wardrobe to be mine someday.

But recently, I feel bad each time I saw most of my clothes, bags and shoes that I wore only once or worst never been worn before even though I've bought them like ages ago.

But fret not. I still love shopping. Haha. I just have to be a bit choosy when it comes to buying things I need (want). Better to invest more on quality pieces that I would wear rather than buying everything on the shelves and later shove them at the back of the wardrobe.

So my latest #ubah2014 is to challenge myself to limit my buying focusing on quality rather than quantity, need rather than want.

To do so, I need to to:
(a) Figure out my style - work & casual.
(a) Take out everything that I currently owned and start to cut down to pieces that I wear the most.
(b) Keep basic items and try to complement things that I have in my wardrobe so they can be as versatile as it can be (work and casual)
(c) Figure out what else I need and add up item with pieces that have value for money.

Let's see if this plan will work out between us - me and my wardrobe.

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