Friday, January 10, 2014

Special Date

I was 31 years old on 8th January this year.

Oh boy, I felt old. I was 24 or 25 when I first start writing. Haha.

Even I feel old, do you know people claim that women are most attractive in their early 30's? Looking at this picture, do u think so?


I think people say that because mostly, by this age most women already found their style and they wear it with grace. Also, most already stable financially and they can afford to be spend a bit more on style. 

Furthermore, I think we are most attractive at this age because we are no longer afraid of people's opinion on us like we used to during our twenties, we don't feel the need to follow the trend just to feel accepted and mostly, we are smart enough to act and react only to the things matter to us and to laugh and appreciate every moment be it a  challengeor blessing that coming towards us.

For more years to come (insya allah). 

Happy 31st birthday to me.

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Liza Yati said...

Happy birthday dear!!