Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie in 5?

Have I ever mention that I love this one new mall near my house?
It has TESCO and the most important is cinema! Now we can leave home 5 minutes before movie start, park right in front of the entrance (free parking, mind you), still got plenty of time to buy popcorns, and can dress like Ah Beng no one cares! Oh Oh and they got 3D also. How cool is that?

So last week, (after few weeks of coaxing my sister how cool it is to watch movie there) me and my sister took our kids for Repunzel. Great movie love it love it love it! But what to love more is the fact that the cinema was empty.

See? Not lying.

And that was the 1st time I bought my 2yo to the cinema. I imagine it will be a disaster with her and another 3 of my sister kids inside the cinema but boy oh boy she surely behave and glued to her chair until the end of the movie!

So behave sitting in the middle and playing with her cousins before the movie starts. I heart you baby! Taking care of you is so easy since the beginning. :)

Oh and we had our lunch at Little Taiwan. Love their Loh Shi Fun. So damn yummy. That's the only menu that I can eat by the way. Other foods I found it not to my liking.


She's doing peace sign yo!

Anyway, had a blast that day and even without husband I can survive. Yeah! But of course because I know I have my sister to count on. I respect mummy who can go jalan-jalan with toodler alone. Me? Duduk rumah je la.. :)

The sister and me. She wore heels that's why she is taller than me. Actually she is NOT! Haha

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cik Im said...

wangsa walk pn xde 3d..