Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who doesn't like this?

My choice will always be Italian BMT (bread-Parmesan Oregano)
What's your choice?


I am now currently crazy over on my iPhone. Cool apps I tell you. Can change the most crappy picture to be oh so sexy! Who needs DSLR anymore, right? RIGHT? Oh just me because I'm too bimbo to learn how to use it. (T_T)

And I love the way they combine it with Foursquare and post in on Facebook. Oh oh and we can follow people also!Just admit that we love to stalk other people's pictures especially the pretty one. Now you can do it without having to read their boring, long and annoying status update! Cool huh?

Go go and try. Search Instagram in appstore and download it for free.

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amal latiff said... kan...luv iphone to the max..