Monday, December 27, 2010

From Orchard with Love

Hi all,

Forgive my non-existence new post lately due to work.
Worry not. Will resume for updates from Singapore day trip I had yesterday.

Gosh, I swear to God so many people at Orchard yesterday. It's like walking at Time Square! (not that I have the experience though). My uncle told me it's because only Orchard Rd is lighted up for the festive seasons. Not like here in Malaysia. You can see so many Festive decoration everywhere. It's even snowing at Pavilion! Haha.

Can you see??

Apart from the the weather and shopping part, I think I love Malaysia more than everything in the world. :)

Okey. Will torture you guys with my Chilli Crab post after this. Sands & Sunshines has become a food blog now ey? haha

See you guys!

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